Organize, Compare and Measure Before & After Photos

Before & After Photo Viewer iPhone App

Layer Lapse – Before & After Viewer - Adam Hammons

Layer Lapse is used to compare and categorize photos to easily see changes or differences. You are also able to measure pixel differences and advance through scenes of overlapping and semi-transparent photos for a time-lapse effect of layers.

This method of comparing photos gives you the ability to quickly detect the smallest difference and allows for easy organization so you can keep your photos ready for comparisons in the future and with others.


Main Features

  • Move, zoom, twist and take new photos with an onscreen overlay to align photos.
  • Alter transparency levels and stacking order to see differences.
  • Measure differences in RGB color values, pixel locations, pixel distances and time.


  • General Visual Comparisons
  • Measuring Changes
  • Surveillance
  • Documentation
  • Experimentation
  • Inspections
  • Security
  • Inventory Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Graphic Design
  • Science Fair Projects
  • Proving any Visual Evidence

Additional Features

  • Advance chronologically back and forth through layered scene photos and save alignment settings.
  • Lock photo on screen to compare photos out of chronological order.
  • Save notes for each photo.
  • Sort through scenes and scene photos using title, time and notes.
  • Have photos created within app saved to camera roll so they can then be shared with other app users with the correct meta-data of time and GPS location.
  • Create new images showing only the blended photos.

Latest Update

  • Now Universal iPad Accessible for larger image viewing
  • Same size images in default position now stay aligned while zooming
  • Notes display added to Date/Time tabs to more easily identify photos while using chronological movement arrows
  • Added double 2-finger tap to enable/disable auto double tap which allows you to make measurements and change transparencies while the overlay stack order continuously switches
  • Improved button graphics and changed splash screen
  • Added multiple languages

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FYI: “Layer Lapse is like having a perfect photographic memory to know in an instant what is different but with psychic mindreading telepathy as you can compare your memory with others’ memories and even having bionic eyesight enabling you to measure pixels like a robot. It’s an app of super powers.”